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What Makes Us Different?

At American Senior Benefits of Texas, our agents specialize in finding you the most suitable options and providing support throughout the whole process. Contact us today to schedule a commitment-free consultation with one of our professional advisors.

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Planning for the future

Taking steps now can make a world of difference in the life you and your family lead in the future. It may seem far away, but the time is now to actively investigate what options you have for health care and social security in order to maximize your benefits and be more comfortable as you grow older.

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Services and planning tailored to you

We offer consultation appointments personalized for each of our clients. Once we have a better understanding of your current situation, as well as your desires and needs for the future, our teams will work closely with you to create a realistic and actionable plan. This planning can be a challenging thing to take on, but it’s worth it and you’ll thank yourself later for doing it.

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Maximizing Social Security

Most people may not know it, but there are many ways you can maximize your social security benefits for now and the future. We’ll take a look at areas that impact social security such as how much you earn, how long you’ll work, at what age you’ll retire and the taxes you pay.

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Dental, Vision and Hearing

Everyone grows old and with age comes deterioration in dental, vision and hearing health. It’s a fact of life that can’t be avoided. However, you can take steps now to ensure you have the necessary insurance and care plan set up to stay as healthy as possible.

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Home Health Care

We all want to believe we can take care of ourselves forever. However, due to illness and limited capacity, you may need home health care in the future. You can get help with tasks such as cleaning, cooking and shopping, and even medical attention.

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Final Expenses

While it may be uncomfortable to think about, when you pass, there will likely be bills to pay, including medical and funeral costs. You can avoid leaving your family with this financial burden by arranging for final expenses insurance beforehand.

Market Analysis

Having an annuity plan in place is a great way to create a stable amount of income in the future, reducing uncertainty and stress. By making a lump sum payment now, you can receive regular monthly payments in the future based on the initial investment. "Click" on the Annuities link to see video illustrations on how annuities work and how we can help protect your wealth.  

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Retirement Income Planning

Working on your retirement income planning now will go a long way in the future. We’ll work with you to determine income sources, estimate expenses, create a savings plan, and discuss how to best manage your assets. We’ll help you live the life you want to live when you retire.

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Legacy Planning

Arrange your investments now to build a sound financial legacy for your family after you passed away. Speak with us about how you can maximize the value of your property and assets so you can leave a will that provides the most benefits to your family in the future.

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