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Flip of the Coin

Fixed index annuities are a great way to enjoy the growth of the market without the risk of market volatility. Let's play a game to learn about how this can work for you.

How the Contract Works

Now that we know how you can maximize your growth without risking your principal, let's learn about what makes fixed index annuities different from other retirement options, starting with how they ARE NOT an investment.


One of the best features of fixed index annuities is the guaranteed safety of your principal, even in the event of a market crash. Learn how baseball great Babe Ruth used annuities to preserve his major league earnings after the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Zero is the Hero

Now that we know that your principal is safe with fixed index annuities, let's learn about what happens when the market is down and why it's a good thing for your recovery period.

History of Annuities

Annuities have a rich history both globally and here in the United States. From their humble beginnings in ancient Rome to contemporary guarantees for lifetime income, annuities have found a great place in retirement planning.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Having an annuity plan in place is a great way to create a stable amount of income in the future, reducing uncertainty and stress. By making a lump sum payment now, you can receive regular monthly payments in the future based on the initial investment.

Overview of Fixed Index Annuities

In our final educational video, we recap what we've learned about fixed index annuities, from how they work to how they are protected as insurance products. With this review, it's easy to see how an annuity can fit into your retirement goals.

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